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Dynamic Table Filters for New Project Notes

I have created a few databases for Areas, Projects, Notes, and Tasks. They are linked using relations/roll-ups. I am trying to create a template for the Notes section that would ideally automatically pull in Tasks and previous Notes that are linked to an Area or Project.

For example, let’s say that I create a new Project X and add some Tasks associated with Project X. Then I create my first note using an template. It would be AMAZING if that template automatically pulled in the Tasks I’ve already created associated with Project X. I have this set up already with a template and filters, but it requires manually adjusting the filter for Tasks and Previous Notes to whatever new Project X is (e.g. template is set to “Project A” by default for Tasks and Notes… manually have to click in and change it for new Project X).

I’m thinking the way to do this is if I could dynamically reference the Project Name property on the Notes page within the Tasks Table filter and the Previous Notes table filter. I just do not know how to do this.

Hopefully this makes sense!

1 Answer


polle Points79930

You need to create a template for projects and use a self referential filter.

In projects create a template called "New Project".
Inside that new template add a linked database view for Tasks.
Inside that new template also add a linked database view for Notes.

With this you will have all tasks and all notes inside the template.

Now add a filter to both linked views, where project is "New Project".

Close the template builder.

With this template when you click the button it will load all tasks and notes only related to the project itself.

Hope that helps.

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