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Use enter for new line inside table cell

Hello, I am trying to migrate from Evernote.

Evernote tables behave like word processor tables, you can type as usual inside table cells.

Notion tables behave like datasheet processor, making for faster navigation between cells but inconvenient for typing inside the cell.
I need to push Shift+Enter inside cell to make a new line, which is inconvenient for me since I use tables for storing text information, not for calculations.

Is there a way to configure Notion to treat table cell as normal input with normal key bindings?

Thank you.

2 Answers


polle Points79930

That is not possible at the moment in Notion.


fires3as0n commented

Yeah as well as adding images into table cells, unfortunately migration failed.
Thanks for the answer.


polle commented

If you use the "Files & media" Notion property you can add images without any problem.


fires3as0n commented

I'm afraid this is not correct. It is not possible to use "Files & media" to add an image inside a table cell in Notion. Neither can I ctrl+v and image there, it will be added below the whole table, not inside the cell.


polle commented

Sorry, but it is correct. Don't believe me, just see Notion Images, files & media help docs.

Hope that helps. If you are having problems with this, please feel free to open a new question with that topic.


fires3as0n commented

The link you provided gives no information about embedding images into the tables. If you try to enter /image inside a manually created table cell it will result in nothing.

The examples they show in docs use custom template, which is not a table. By table I mean normal /table you can add anywhere.

And even inside that template, you can not combine text and image inside table cell, because the whole column should be defined as Files & Media and can contain nothing else inside which is inconvenient.

Too many restrictions


polle commented

This question is for new lines, if you have problems with images in tables feel free to open a new question about that.


vanlinh136 Points320

If you currently use Windows OS, AutoHotKey can handle this easily.

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