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Notion block storage problem again and again

I have contacted the notion for a long time and many times. My problem is not solved. Why My block storage is up from 881/1000 to 1000/1000 without adding any block!

And this problem has happened 3 times is Notion pranking me?

Please tell me something. Thanks.



1 Answer


polle Points79930

Just go to Notion Pricing to understand your account.

Free Notion Account.

  • Unlimited blocks for individuals
  • Limited block trial for teams

Hope that helps.


eayontinthai commented

I have deleted many blocks in my Notion but block storage will be up to 1000/1000 automated without any blocks adding Does that mean Notion forces me to buy some notion plan to continue? (don't care how much real block storage I use)


polle commented

You have to delete a lot of Notion blocks and empty the trash to have more available.

Deleting many may not help and you should consider upgrading your account for unlimited blocks, otherwise you will be facing the same problem over and over.

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