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Dropping into the beginning of a Notion block

If I have a block selected, how can I 'drop into' the block at the beginning of the block rather than the end?

Or, what's the fastest way to get to the beginning of the block?


polle commented

2 quick questions to understand this better.

How are you selecting the block?

You mean a Notion block with only plain text and you want to go to the first character of that block of text?


jchackett commented

@polle I have hit escape so I can arrow up and down selecting blocks as I go.

I land on a block, but let's say I land on a regular text block and I want to make it a dropdown box. I want to skip to the beginning of the block and put > there. What's the fastest way to get to that first character? Can't just 'drop in' at the beginning, no?


jchackett commented

Problem solved. Realized the /turn command works at the end of a block.

Love the app! Really fun one.


polle commented

Please add the solution as an answer below and select it to mark it as solved. Great it is working with that and thank you for sharing!

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