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I'm trying to get slack for all my colleagues, I'm the admin and the connection is already done and working for the admin (only teamspace member) but to the guests accounts it's not working.

1 Answer


polle Points79460

The integration works by pages and not by users, so it is not clear what is not working for you. Once you set it up as an admin, there is nothing extra to do.

Notion page: You integrate with Slack.
Notion page changes: Slack gets a notification.
Slack message: Send it to Notion.

Maybe you are referring to something else, have look here.


juanchortiz commented

Thanks. I have trouble seeing for example the "get slack notification" in databases (it should appear clicking in the 3 dots) Even though it doeas appear in settings > turn on slack notifications


polle commented

Do again the integration in Notion notifications & settings and grant the correct permissions in your pages.

Once you grant permissions as a Notion and Slack admin, options will appear as expected.

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