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Using Notion for Documentation

I just discovered Notion and it seems that it might be the application that I have been looking for to store all my programming documentation. But I am kind of lost on how to begin.

I seek the following.

A place to store Word Documents, URLs, PDFS, ePubs, code examples. It should have tagging ability and be searchable.

I already have written scores of word documents with documentation on a wide variety of programming topics. I can't remember everything (no one can of course) so when I have a best practice for creating an Azure Keychain, or naming conventions I need to follow in a programming language, etc. I jot them down in a document and refer to them later. I also have lots of PDFs and ePubs on various computer topics.

Currently I have the word documents in One Drive, a lot of books in Apple's Books, some PDFS here and there, some Kindle books, etc.

Boy it would sure be nice to suck these all into Notion (or something else) and just work from one application. My problem is I don't want to rewrite all the Word documents.

I notice there are many templates and plug-ins for Notion, and I would gladly get/buy one that would help.

Any suggestions would be greatly, greatly appreciated!


1 Answer


polle Points78510

You can do it in Notion for sure.

Create a database for this and in each column you can have that information, including attachments, tags and of course search.

URLs, PDFS, ePubs and code examples can be attached inside each entry or as columns in the main database.

For word documents if you don't want them attached and you need the actual content, try the import option to have them as native Notion pages.

With this you can have everything as you need and want.

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