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List of ToDo - summarize in one overview


I have different Notion pages where I have at the end a section "next steps" this contains a ToDo listing.

Each page forms its own project / meeting whatever ...

I am looking for a way to see these todo lists from all pages in one overview - filtered by the todo that are still open. Preferably also filtered and grouped by pages.

I know that I can create a Notion database where I can link from the pages. but that means that I can see a link to a page on the page and see my ToDo ... but I do not want ....the listing should be seen in the respective page and on the overview then all summarized.

does anyone have an idea?

1 Answer


polle Points82410

You need a ToDo database to achieve this and there is no other way to do it.

1- One ToDo Database.
2- One Projects Database to show the related ToDos.

At the bottom of each Project page you can have a linked view of the ToDo database to show just related ToDos to the project and different views to show them filtered as you need to.

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