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add to do to project

I have just started using Notion and am trying to figure out how to do the following. If this is possible.

I created a new page where I will keep a journal (for the month). As the day progress I write down most things as I have dozens of projects on the go. So, for example, I'm in a meeting and keeping a track of the discussion:

  • yt - xxx yyy xxx [what the person yt said that I want to remember]
  • rs - xxx yyy xxx
  • task - zzz - project [a new task for me, associated with a specific project]
  • idea - aaa - category [a new idea for something, add it to a category list]
  • rs - xxx yyy xxx
  • task - zzz - project - for rs [another task, this time a reminder to me that someone else owns this]

So at the end of the meeting I have some notes which includes some tasks for me and others and some ideas I don't want to forget. And, I many meetings in a day all of which have a collection of notes, tasks and ideas.

I can see how to make a task from the list above into a to-do list. But how do I tag it to be for a specific project so that when I go the the Projects template view it adds it to that project?

Any help is very much appreciated.

1 Answer


polle Points79040

You need 3 databases.

1- Projects
2- Tasks
3- Meetings

Relate the 3 databases and create the needed templates in each one of them.

Once you have this you can easily show the information per project or meeting using filters.


akwa42 commented

Thank you. I have been experimenting but haven't managed to get this working correctly yet.

Do I create a database for every meeting that I have? Making each inline so that they sit with all my other notes in my jounrnal?


polle commented

Just 1 database and you filter everything to the relation.

You will have a meetings database that will include all the meetings, the same for tasks, projects and so on.

For example in Project 1, you filter meetings that are only related to itself, so you will only see meetings related to that project. The same applies for tasks or any other related database.


akwa42 commented

Thank you for replying so quickly.

So imagine the scenario where I am writing in my journal, which I keep open and am frequently updating as the day proceeds, and a meeting starts and I start making notes. One of those items is an action that I want to record as a task for a project. Similarly, and quite common, another item is a task for another project. Can I mark these items to say what meeting/project they belong to? Or do I need to open the meeting database separately and make the entry?


polle commented

Inside each project you need to include linked views for meetings and for tasks with a self reference filter.

That way when you go inside any project you will have tasks and meetings just for that project and you can add as many meetings and tasks as you need.

The best way to do this is with a template, that way every project will have the same structure and everything will work automatically.

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