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Using Notion for 50000 pages of school lessons and 5000 students

If we, as a school, have 50000 pages of lessons and 5000 students...

  1. Will it be ok to have the students as guests? We want students to be able to read lessons on a private link (accessed by SSO).
  2. Will there be any crashing / slowness of the system if we have that many students on at a time, with that many pages?

1 Answer


polle Points79040

1- You will need an enterprise account for that number of users or guests. See Notion Pricing.

For students you should manage them by class or using a logical structure and for that you can use private team spaces for example.

2- If you structure the data correctly, no problem.

Of course if every page has 1 GB of content, no structure, no nothing, then the scenario can change.

So if everything is done correctly, everything should work just fine.


Chantal commented

Thanks so much for the quick help!!


polle commented

Glad to help. If you consider the answer as a solution, please select it to mark the question as solved.

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