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User downloads via embedded image?

I have a page where visitors can download a file, but I need download count analytics so I can't use a simple notion file block.

I can store the file elsewhere then have users download by clicking linked text.

A more professional image would be more ideal though.

This is just an embedded page with an image that links to the file via HTML when clicked

The problem: Clicking the image in the embedded block inside Notion does nothing. If I open the html page by itself outside of Notion, the download works as intended. I've tried _blank and _parent in the html to no avail.

Might be worth noting that if I set the image to open a different page (rather than download) it works fine embedded in notion. It's just downloading that doesn't work.

Is there anything special I need to include in the html to allow downloads via embedded image, or a different solution? Or is it just not an option on Notion? I think the problem involves the <iframe>, but I'm a bit of a novice so I apologize if there's something simple I overlooked. It's just confusing why downloads work in hyperlinked text, but not embedded images.

Any help much appreciated!

1 Answer


polle Points82410

This happens for security reasons. You will need to execute the download, analytics and anything you need outside Notion.

Open a different page to then do something is the only solution.

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