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cannot paste images via Windows Notion App

Issue: The issue occurs multiple times a day for me. The image gets pasted on the page for a fraction of a second and then disappears. So can never add images to a page.

Current Fix: Restart Notion, it appears that the Notion Windows app loses connection to the internet somehow and then cannot reconnect. Only affects images, text syncs without issue.

The image pastes through the website works without issue when I am experiencing this issue on the app. The weird part is that when I paste the image on the website, it appears in the app without having to refresh the page but for some reason, it doesn't work the other way until I restart the Notion Windows app.

Permanent fix: This appears to be a bug that needs fixing.

2 Answers


polle Points79930

This seems to be a local problem with your system and has nothing to do to with something in Notion.

I can suggest to update your Windows Notion app, restart your modem and restart your computer, for sure that will fix your problem.


caden Points450

I would see if you have any system updates, not related to notion and try again, also see if the problem arises with the online notion as opposed to the app.

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