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Help with if function formula?

Hi, I have a Notion database where there is a checkbox property for Complete. What I’m trying to do is have another property show ✅ if completed is checked, show ⏳ if it’s not checked and the Date the task is on is either today or in the future, and then lastly if it’s not checked and the date has passed, for it to show ❌.

I’ve been trying to get this to work with IF functions and can get it to give one of two emojis based on if it’s checked or not, but when i start trying to add in dates or a third option nothing works. It’s my first time needing to do anything like this in Notion and I don’t know enough to understand what I’m missing - my googling has made me more confused.

Any help is appreciated thank you!

1 Answer


polle Points79040

You should do it separately, it does not matter the status, what matters here are the dates of the tasks.

1- A Notion filter for is done or not.
2- A Notion formula for days left or ago in the task.

Add a filter to show only tasks that are not done.

Create a new Notion Formula column to check dates.

if(formatDate(prop("Date"), "MMM DD, YYYY") == formatDate(now(), "MMM DD, YYYY"), "For Today", if(dateBetween(prop("Date"), now(), "days") > 0, format(dateBetween(prop("Date"), now(), "days") + 1) + " Days Left", if(dateBetween(prop("Date"), now(), "days") > -1, "For Tomorrow", if(dateBetween(prop("Date"), now(), "days") < 0, format(abs(dateBetween(prop("Date"), now(), "days"))) + " Days Ago", ""))))

This will check the Date property and give different results based on that. If it is today, days left, for tomorrow or days ago.

This way you will have exactly what you need. Just customize the messages you want to see with emojis.

Hide tasks that are done and show the dates status for pending tasks.

Hope that helps.

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