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Can I set if loop to do nothing if boolean is 'false'


i have a database where we keep track of tasks and we would like to keep track how long the task stayed in a particular 'status'

e.g. i have a 'status' property which would have values like, 'Backlog', In Progress', 'Done' and i would like to keep track of how many days this DB entry has stayed in each of these values.

At the moment I thought to create three other properties to keep track of when the item's 'status' property changed to 'Backlog', 'In Progress', 'Done' - by doing so i can derive how much time since they've changed between each other.

I tried the formula if(prop("Status")=="Backlog",now(),"") as I want this property to do nothing if the 'status' property is NOT "Backlog" but I am getting a 'Type Mismatch "" is not a Date.' error.

1 Answer


polle Points79460

Notion formulas can't write dates by status.

You will need an external tool like make or Zapier to create an automation and write dates based on your needs.

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