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Why does this icon appear on some items?

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know why Notion is adding an icon (either doc or grey target shape) to the beginning of some project names?
It only appears to some projects. It is not editable, and its super distracting.

I have sent a direct email to the team two months ago but have yet to hear back.

screenshot of icons.

1 Answer


polle Points79460

If you are using a template and the template has that icon, then all the items will appear with it.

Notion does not add icons by itself, so it must be the template. Edit the projects template, remove the icon and done.


HeartyHaddock commented

Wow, thanks! Is there a way to bulk edit/remove the 100's of instances that used the template already?


polle commented

In a table view click and drag to select multiple items. A tools bar will appear and there you can select icon and change it.

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HeartyHaddock commented

Incredible, thank you so much! This has seriously helped.

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