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How to add an icon to a task?

I have a todo list in the table view, and I want to add icons to some tasks to mark them as recurring tasks, does anyone know if it’s possible?

3 Answers


polle Points81400

I use : to call the icons window.


nosy commented

Thank you, that works perfectly!


hlluysal commented

hey polle, I have a full page table within a page. I write my tasks to each line. How can I add emojis? I put : but nothing came up. It just adds ":" sign as a character. how can I solve that?


polle commented

Just add a letter after : and the icon search will start.


Bogghi Points980

Recurring task doesn't exist in notion YET, maybe with the api they will be implementable. You could calculate it based on other properties.


notionuniversity Points1030


On my mac, I go to 'Edit' on my Menu, and click on 'Emoji & Symbols' and add icons from there to all my tasks and text while typing! I hope this helps you.


nosy commented

I ended using : but thank you!

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