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how can I solve restricted jurisdiction ???

I really can not understand this error !!!! WHY does it even happend ?? I did about 4 months of reaserch and journal and now I can not access my account or even create any new account :| Seriously what is this error that the can't solve or do anything about it . this is support answer :| " As long as the system flags your accounts as logging in from a restricted jurisdiction you should not be able to access any account you create and we won’t be able to override these restrictions on our end."


thomas_yang commented

have you tried vpn? I haven't experienced this myself but maybe it might work.

3 Answers


polle Points79930

Not sure what other answer you are looking for, but if the Notion support team already gave you an answer, so there is nothing else you can do. If Notion itself can't help you in this matter, no one else can.


zachshirow Points140

Hey there, as someone who was faced with the same issue, let me give you an advice.

I'm an Iranian and in the fall of last year when there were some protests in our country, I wasn't able to access notion. This was because the government was limiting the internet access in general. But since then Notion has also been limiting the access of a few countries including Iran according to US sanctions.

Last fall was it for me and since then I've gone completely offline with my Personal Knowledge management.

I use obsidian which is an offline tool to edit markdown files.

I've been using it for over a year now and I'm satisfied with it.

I advise you make the same choice because no matter any other tool like notion you use, you will likely face the same restriction issues.

With working with offline tools, you have control over your files and nobody can take them away from you.


farane Points180

Hello, I had the same problem.

To solve it, instead of using Google’s automated verification, I used my email and entered the code that was sent to my email.

(Before opening Notion, make sure to use shekan (just search شکن)!)

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