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How can I check whether members have logged in recently?

I am using a Plus plan with multiple subscribed team members. I'm concerned that one or two no longer use Notion. How can I check recent login (or any) activity of individual users?

1 Answer


polle Points79930

At the top of the shared page you have the avatars for the Notion users and hovering them shows you their last activity in the page.

Also in the clock at the top right you have activity that also shows the information.


damienjm commented

Thanks for the response. SO, this is an audit trail of changes made, either in general or to specific pages. Am I correct there's nothing to tell me what users have last logged in and when, if they have not made edits/comments/changes?


thomas_yang commented

There's a page analytics feature in Notion.

using this you can see if the user and view/ edit a specific page.

I'm assuming you're working in a team and you'll have a central hub where you expect them to visit. So you can check the hub to see when was the last visit by them.


polle commented

That is correct @damienjm, the only options are the ones I mentioned, there is nothing like a global analytics panel.

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