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Notion & Make : Relation, formula & Roll up

I am using notion with Relation and roll up to get some numbers from my notion dash board -> see pic 1
I want to retrieve the value of those numbers to use them in excel (or else)
All the numbers from pic 1 come from formula, relation or roll up)
How can I do that (using make / integromat ?
When I try to do it on make, the output is the formula / the relation (not the value) -> see pic 2
Thanks a lot

1 Answer


polle Points79040

Without seeing you Notion setup will be difficult to know, but confirm your formula result it is an actual number.

Keep in mind that it may be easier to ask Make how to use Make, for the Notion part, I believe it is just the format you have in your formula or the format you have in the excel column.

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