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i’m trying to connect a base from airtable to notion via make (integromat). i managed to do everything right but on notion, in the files & media property the file is loaded as an attachment and not as an actual file (it's not rendered as an actual image) - i can’t figure out why and i can’t use that property as a cover in the gallery view.

has anyone experienced something like this before?

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Oh nononononononono!

You are doing it wrong. Just select "Card preview: Files & media" under the Layout Gallery settings in Notion. That will show the Files and media property content as the image for the gallery view.


nononononononono commented

hey hi it's already selected, the issue is that it is not uploaded as a file but as a link to the url.


polle commented

Then just confirm you are sending an actual compatible image format to that property, that means a web compatible image, so no PDFs, PSD, or other files that will not display as gallery cover.

I see in your screenshot you are sending a tag with a name, not an actual file, so you will have to check your Make scenario.


nononononononono commented

It is a compatible image or at least I think so - it's .png .

from integromat they are telling me to first download the file from airtabel (i.e Google Drive or Dropbox) and then upload it to the service. so maybe notion can not upload directly an image from the url. I still didn't try the solution from integromat - will let you know about that.


polle commented

It is not being received in Notion like that.

If you download the file from Notion what do you get in your computer?

Also your file naming is really bad, try with something simple to see if there is a difference, like "myfile.png", no web addresses, no spaces, no dates, just a simple plain text.

But again, this is not a Notion problem, it is the way you are sending the file from Airtable. If that gets archived and then it is send, it will never work, so you will have to check your Make scenario to make it get the file as image and send it as image with the correct format as well.

There is nothing else you can do in Notion, if it receives a file, it shows a file, if it receives an image, it displays an image, so the problem is in your process.


nononononononono commented

I think the issue is in integromat sending info as type "external"

but in the integromat module I don't have other options than just URL and name (and I tried with a simple one like xyz.png - no luck)

I think notion is managing that info as when you add a file as "embed link"


polle commented

Correct, as I said above: You will have to check your Make scenario and make it get the file as image and send it as image with the correct format as well.

There is no problem in Notion at all, just fix your Make scenario and everything will work as expected.

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