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I been adding users to our company account. A few of those users already had existing accounts in Notion.
After I invite them and they accept, the system literally creates TWO different accounts with the SAME email address.
We are unable to delete the "Free" account. even after it expires, it is stuck there forever. I thought Notion would have converted their account. This behavior is very odd and indicates a not well thought out process. I can potentially change the email address for others I try to do this with before inviting them, but I have 4 users who are seemingly stuck with 2 accounts linked to 1 email. I cant find any information at all on this anywhere. Has anyone heard of this ?


thomas_yang commented

hey I saw your comment on Reddit.

I have raised this within the Notion community slacks channel. Usually Notion team response quite quickly there so will update you again.


normsnow commented

Thank you. Team notion replied but they were a little unclear. They claimed to not think of it as a bug. I believe they were telling me to remove the user and re-add him again, claiming the content will be saved under general workspace. I emailed them back for clarification.


thomas_yang commented

do you have any recoding software? you can use something like loom to record your steps of re-adding him. This will probably be easier for them to help you.


normsnow commented

Well, I was able to get it done, but I had to upgrade to enterprise. Once in enterprise I could remove the user's personal account after first removing his corporate. Before going to enterprise I had tried removing him from corporate. This worked and I got back into his personal account, but when I tried to remove personal from existence, it wouldn't allow. So, I just bit the bullet and upgraded. Thanks so much for responding ...

1 Answer


thomas_yang Points2100

Hey I just checked that this should be a bug.

You can contact Notion via [email protected]

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