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Is it possible to use tags across databases?

I'd like to be able to use databases as tags in the multi-select and select property types.
Ex. options like "w1" "w2" "w3" etc and being able to click each tag to open its respective page/database?

I'm trying to organize all of my workouts and struggling a bit with the overall structure of my workspace. I have a master database with every single exercise(x), program(p), and weeks(w) within each program. I'm using relations and rollups in a lot of places, but I find that I'm also limited there. Specifically when it comes to the weeks, because I'd like to be able to see what would need to be done on week 2 of all my programs, or just one program, or two, etc. The only way I can think to do this now is by creating a week item for every program: "w1 - p1" "w1 - p2" "w1 - p3" and use filtered views, but it gets pretty cluttered.

Feels like a simpler way would be to use the select options as links to other databases. So instead of having a different "weeks" database for each program, or one database with super detailed names... each exercise could be tagged with what week it would be done in, and when I click on that week's tag, all the exercises that have been tagged with that week would show up.

Hopefully this makes sense

1 Answer


polle Points81400

I believe that your best approach here is to have a tags database. That way after relating the tags database with the other ones, you can select any tag in any other database.

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