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Change wiki page verification after changes

hello. I have a Notion database table (in Wiki) with many pages. Each page has a property called "Verification". I use this property to mark documents as "verified" when i am satisfied with the content. However, I want the "Verification" property to disappear if someone else makes changes to the page after I have marked it as verified. How can I do this? Thanks thanks

2 Answers


thomas_yang Points2100

Hi as Notion doesn't support webook/ trigger to change something.

There's no way for Notion to recognise if a page has been changed.

It's easier to just have a dropdown or checkbox. Write an instruction that every time someone makes changes, please update the property.


polle Points82410

You can't in a natural way using Notion, but you can if you use an external service like Make or Zapier to create an automation.

You can add a last edited time property and then with Make for example, you can watch that edited time and if it changes, then change the verification property to something else.

Hope that helps.

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