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Formula within a sentence

Hi evryone,

I have seen a template where they have sentences on their page saying soemthing like "You have completed 3 tasks today", "you have 4 more glasses to drink" etc. and I believe that these are made with formulas(?)..

can someone tell me how to do that? or where I can find a tutorial for that?

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Imagine 2 Notion databases:

1- Projects
2- Tasks

In the Tasks database you have a checkbox to mark items as done.

Relate both databases to have all the tasks related to the projects.

In the Projects database create a Rollup for the tasks checkboxes to show the count of unchecked items and that will give you the number of pending items.

Then you create a formula inside the projects database where you combine the text and the Rollup with the number.

Something like this:

"There are " + format(prop("Rollup")) + " pending tasks."

Hope that helps.

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