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Hi everyone, I'm a fairly "seasoned" Notion user and I use databases on a daily basis.
I've had this problem for a while and I hoped that automations would resolve the issue, but no luck so far.

What I want to do is: every time I create a new lecture page, I want to have as a content block a linked DB view for the tasks related to the lecture.
More info:

  • I have 4 databases involved in this: Courses, Lectures, Tasks and Projects. The relations are implemented like this: Tasks <-> Lectures <-> Courses <-> Projects <-> Tasks (it's a loop)
  • I have a Lecture template where I already have a linked view of the Tasks. It's already filtered by the lecture and I manually have to add the project filter, but I want to do it automatically. The project to use has the same name as the course.

If something's missing, don't hesitate to ask!

1 Answer


polle Points79040

As Lectures is related to Courses and Courses to Projects, yo don't need an extra relation, it is already there, just Rollup the Project into Lectures.

In you Lecture database create a Rollup using the Courses relation to pull the Project and with that you will have in your Lectures page the filtered tasks and you will be able to see the Course and the Project as well.

I believe that is what you re looking for.

If you need a direct relation, then you will need to relate Tasks not just to Lectures, but also to Courses and also to Projects, it really depends how you are managing the information and the needed views.

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