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For more context: I have a 'master database' where all tasks my team needs to be working on lives, each team member has a 'personal page' where the master database is linked, with a view that makes them only show the tasks that are assigned to them.

My current issue is: I am trying to get tasks that are moved into the "For Review" column to show up in the team member's primary database view, without having to create a separate view on their personal pages.

I tried adding a group filter to the base filter (Where [Assigned] [Contains] [Team Member]) with the following:
[Or] Where [Reviewer] [Contains] [Team Member]
[And] [Status] [Is] [For Review]

In my head this should be working, as when I create a different database view with the group filter, it does show up only when the task is moved to "For Review" by someone else, ("Assignees" & "Reviewers" aren't the same person) but it doesn't work with the base filter, somehow?

Is there another set of filters I should be using? I'd really want the task to only show when it's moved for Review, without having to have a different database view, since ya know, having everything in one spot is easier.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Without seeing the actual configuration you have to inspect the filter it will be difficult to help, because yes, you can filter like that, but the order and the "or" or "and" matters.

I believe that the team member's primary database view should not have a filter then, that way everything shows up?

Again, hard to tell without seeing the actual thing. Maybe you already figured this out with the Notion filters and if that is the case, please share the correct answer to help others.

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