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How to search an entire workspace for a tag or other flag

I'm very new to Notion, and like it a lot. However, I searched the help pages, googled, and searched this forum for my question. I found one answer that might work, but am doing something slightly different than was posed in the question.

I have a lot of pages that become irrelevant after a certain period of time and it's in my best interest to dump them regularly. The problem is that they're spread all over my workspace in several different databases. Setting up databases by planned deletion date is a little tricky, since the pages are often related to specific projects, or more than one project, or might not need deleting right away.

I'd like to avoid a forest of backlinks, and may be getting a little confused by backlinks, in general.

What I want is to be able to search or filter my entire workspace for a specific tag, flag, whatever for a proposed deletion date and find all those pages that need to land in the trash. (I was able to do this in Evernote) without having to do too much extra editing or searching. This option, looks like it might work, but looks a little fussy.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

1 Answer


polle Points79930

In order to search or filter by tag, a tag must be present and the problem here is that natural Notion pages can't be tagged, only database items (pages).

Because of this, your only option to filter or search by tag is to use databases for your pages, that way you can tag everything and filter instantly.

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