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I have a database I'm using to collate abbreviations, acronyms and terms specific to my industry. It's mainly text-based with some URL links to sources where relevant, so I'm assuming it's pretty lightweight (small in size). I'd like to slice the data to share it with people but I am struggling to find a way to do so without sharing the whole database. My preference would be to use the filter function to slice the data by tags so I can make it more specific to people. Every time I attempt to save the sliced data as a new view, the app crashes.

Did anyone find a solution or at least a work around?

1 Answer


polle Points73210

You can't share parts of a Notion database, when you share it you are sharing the complete thing. See my answer here.

For the crash problem, try updating your App version (desktop and mobile) or try the browser, because you just need to duplicate the view as it is and then add a filter to it.

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