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How can I create an RPG Quest Log

Hi, guys
I'm trying to set up a quests and characters databases, where I can create quests related to one character that has properties like „XP“ and „checked“. I want the quests that I checked to add up in a „total XP“ property in the characters database. But I can't figure out how to reference the „XP“ property in the quests database in addition to the checked property.
Essentially i want to make my life a RPG and am open for any tips.
Thank you in advance

1 Answer


thomas_yang Points2080

Hey I created a tutorial + template for your usecase. You'll need the relation function + Notion 2.0 Formula which I'll be explaining in the video.




Mali commented

Can you send me your paypal link
Imma send you a thank you from me and my friends


thomas_yang commented

hey thanks for your offer. thanks very nice of both of you.

you can find my Paypal HERE.

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