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Hello everyone,

I want your help on this subject.

The context :
I am working on a finance tracker.
I have one database which contains the salary, and I have grouped it by month. So I have October, September .. with the salary associated.
I have a category table which presents the categories by month. And I can select which salary needs to be use as there is a relation property between those tables.

The actual situation:
Today, When I select a salary, all the salaries of the table salary are proposed.

The problem:
I want to create a sort of if condition that automatically uses only the salary related to the month.

I would appreciate your help on this.

Thank you !!!

1 Answer


polle Points81400

You can't limit which relations appear in the relation window to select items.

If the salary database has 400 items, the 400 items will appear to be selected in the relation property of your database.

You can include a tag to the salary and using the 3 dots in the relation picker window show them, but again, there are no conditions and there is no way to limit what appears there.

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