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How can I add a condition to my if statement formula


I have tried integrating an Eisenhower matrix into my task list. I have defined urgency with the following formula:

if(dateBetween(now(), prop("Due Date"), "days") < 7, "Urgent", "Not Urgent")

I have another formula that creates a checkbox if the task status is changed to "Done" with the following formula:

equal(prop("Task Status"), "Done")

I want to add a condition to the urgency formula that would leave the cell empty if the task was completed, but I am having trouble writing the correct formula. If someone could help me with writing the correct formula that would be a great help!



polle commented

Hey @Jackem!

Please add the solution as an answer below and select it as correct to mark the question as solved.

Glad you found a solution and thank you for sharing.

1 Answer


Jackem Points590

I found a youtube video that explained if statements very well and came up with the following fix:

if(prop("Complete") == true, "", if(dateBetween(now(), prop("Due Date"), "days") < 7, "Urgent", "Not Urgent"))

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