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Updated formula to get date from title.


this formula i found is no longer working I think since Notion did some updates on their formula language

dateAdd(dateAdd(dateAdd(dateSubtract(dateSubtract(dateSubtract(dateSubtract(dateSubtract(now(), year(now()), "years"), month(now()), "months"), date(now()) - 1, "days"), hour(now()), "hours"), minute(now()), "minutes"), toNumber(slice(prop("Name"), 6, 10)), "years"), toNumber(slice(prop("Name"), 0, 2)) - 1, "months"), toNumber(slice(prop("Name"), 3, 5)) - 1, "days")

Error:"Argument of type text does not satisfy function slice."

Would anybody be so kind to help me with this? Replacing slice with substring does not work either, equals empty value


polle commented

What is your title?

Please share exactly how are you writing it.


Didi commented

a date on the page's title, for instance 05-05-2022, on that format.
Thanks for answeing, I'd really appreciate it if you could help me

1 Answer


polle Points79040

I believe this is the Notion formula you are looking for.

dateAdd(dateAdd(dateAdd(dateSubtract(dateSubtract(dateSubtract(dateSubtract(dateSubtract(now(), year(now()), "years"), month(now()) - 1, "months"), date(now()) - 1, "days"), hour(now()), "hours"), minute(now()), "minutes"), toNumber(substring(prop("Name"), 6, 10)), "years"), toNumber(substring(prop("Name"), 0, 2)) - 1, "months"), toNumber(substring(prop("Name"), 3, 5)) - 1, "days")

Hope that helps.


Didi commented

It worked, It really helps a lot. Thank you very much Polle


polle commented

Glad to help!

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