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I have a database where I update the date property every time an event occurs. I want to track how many times that event has occurred so I currently have a number property next to the date one and manually update it whenever I update the date property. I was wondering if there were a formula that would automatically track that. For example, the event happens on March 12, 2021, I select that date in the date property and the formula property says 1; the event happens again on the 17th, I update the date property and the formula property automatically says 2. Any help would be appreciated

1 Answer


polle Points78510

It is not possible, the Notion formula will use the date in the cell itself and that's it, you can't count the times you change it. Not for dates and not for anything else, everything in the formula uses the data is reading from the cell and it is not possible to be monitoring changes in them.

The only way possible is adding an extra number each time as you are doing now.

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