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Backlinks to a Block (instead of a page)

When I @ link to a page from within a block, the backlink always takes me back to the page, not the block.

Does anyone know, please, how can I make a backlink to a block?


1 Answer


polle Points79040

1- Click the Block dots and select copy link.
2- Go to any page, write "back to page" or whatever, select the text and paste.

Hope that helps.


PedroFromAus commented

Yes! Thank you, polle.


polle commented

You're welcome. Please select the answer to mark it as solved if it is the case.


hairinwind commented

The way provided by @polle is to add a link that points to a block.

How can we see a backlink on the block? The backlink means where the block is referenced. Can we?


polle commented

@hairinwind you can't.

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