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Notion web page issue

Need help, please! Why is it that every time I view my page in Notion through the web browser, I get the message "Page not found. Either this page doesn't exist or you don't have permission to access it." Then, there's the option: "Back to my content," but clicking it does nothing. I'm definitely logged in with the right account/email address because the desktop works without issue for me.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Being logged in using the app is not the same as being logged in in the browser, so it does not matter that you see it in the app, you must login using the browser to see it.

If you want it to be public to anyone, you must enable that in the sharing options at the top right, otherwise only you will see it.


kskyms commented

We wouldn't know if you didn't say it. Obiously. You are not answering his question, I have the same issue now. When I enter Notion with correct credentials on the web I get the error as "Either this page doesn't exist or you don't have permission to access it." and only one option appears as "back to my content" and when you click it just refreshes the page and still can't enter. Probably, it is a bug. It was a bad idea to manage important part of the business on bloated software like Notion.


polle commented

Please read again.

He states that as he is logged in and it loads in the app, then it should load in the browser and that is not correct, so I shared that you need to login in the browser as well unless it is a public page.

Now, if you are not able to login to your account using the browser, that is a completely different problem.

For sure if you delete cookies and cache from your browser, everything will load fine, but if that does not help and you are locked out from your own account, then contacting Notion support is the only way to fix that.

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