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How to see Sprint tasks in the Calendar?

I'm using the Notion template "Projects, Tasks, Sprints”.

During the planning, we often don't assign a Due to Tasks. Instead, we assign them to a Sprint (which itself already has a date interval).
I would expect to be able to see in the Calendar those tasks, within the Sprint dates, However, I only see the Sprint interval.
I can’t find a way to see the Sprint Tasks in the Calendar. They only show up in the Tasks Calendar if they have a Due date.

I want to keep it simple, I don't want to always have to assign Sprint AND Due date to every task.
I thought I could solve it with an automation "if Sprint is edited, then edit Due” to always have the same dates, but doesn't seem possible.

Any idea how to solve it?



ShaneRobinson commented

When you say "Calendar" do you mean the new Notion Calendar or do you only mean a "Calendar View" on the Sprints table?


xitta commented

Hi @ShaneRobinson , you are right, sorry for not being clear. I mean the Notion Calendar.
When I open the Notion Calendar, and I have the "Sprint" calendar active on the sidebar, I see the "sprint-slot" entries (in my case, they have a duration of a week), but unfortunately not the tasks assigned to that Sprint/Week...
They don't seem to show up because they don't have a "Due" assigned, however they do have a "Sprint/Week" assigned which itself has a due/duration/dates property. Any hints on how to solve that?
Thanks a lot!


ShaneRobinson commented

Well... I just duplicated a brand new "Projects, Tasks, Sprints" template from Notion and did the following:

  1. Added the Sprints DB to my Notion Calendar and the "sprint-slot" entries show up as you described.
  2. Added a Calendar View to the Tasks DB and added it to my Notion Calendar and those Tasks show up as expected. (A "Calendar View" doesn't ship with the *Tasks Db in the "Projects, Tasks, Sprints" template from Notion so you have to add it for it to show up on Notion Calendar.)

I'm guessing your Tasks DB doesn't have a "Calendar View" and you haven't added it to your Notion Calendar?


xitta commented

Thanks for taking the time to look at this @ShaneRobinson,
Although, I see I didn't explain myself correctly :)

Yes, I have added calendar views for both: Sprints AND Tasks DB, and both show up on the Notion Calendar.
What doesn't work for me, is the following:

  • A task in the Tasks DB has assigned "Sprint 1" (which itself has dates defined in the Sprints DB).
  • The "Sprint 1" slot shows up in the Notion Calendar (in the Sprints Calendar);
  • The task which is assigned to "Sprint 1" does NOT show in the Notion Calendar;
  • The task seems to only only show up in the Notion Calendar (in the Tasks Calendar) if I assign a Due date;
  • For tasks that should be done in a Sprint it's quite annoying to always have to assign 2 things: Sprint AND Due. It would be nice that the task assigned to a Sprint could show in the Notion Calendar (using the same dates as the Sprint to which is assigned to)

Can you reproduce my problem? Not sure if I made myself clearer :P

Thanks once again!


ShaneRobinson commented

Hi @xitta Yes I see what you mean. That all works the same for me and I can see how that would be annoying. We don't use Sprints so it's not an issue for us.
Hopefully this is just a "version 1" issue and they'll address it in future updates.


xitta commented

Thanks a lot for trying it out :)
I'll keep waiting and using workarounds. Asking Notion directly, they suggested me to visit blogs/community, so I'm not sure it's in their pipeline. Let's see!

I thought I could "fix" it with an Automation, but it doesn't seem possible to make something like:
"If task is assigned "X" Sprint, then assign "X" to Due."


ShaneRobinson commented

Yeah... And I don't think Notion directly helps people with solutions or workflows. They rely on their community for that.

RE: Automations. While it's a great step in the right direction, I don't find Automations very helpful yet. Once we can add scripting steps, conditionals, functions, etc. THEN automations will really be a useful tool.

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