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images won't load

the images that I add in blocks do not load: if I add an image it is visible, when I leave the page where I added it and return to it, it disappears and I can only see it if I click on the place where it should be, I have already tried uninstalling and nothing.


ShaneRobinson commented

What do you mean, "...tried uninstalling..."

What did you "uninstall?"


lolamc commented

sorry, I meant that I already tried uninstalling notion and the problem is still there.


thomas_yang commented

I had a similar experience with the web version of Notion previously. It only happens when I paste an image URL.

For your case my first instinct is that you're still uploading the image and you clicked away to another page. Try waiting for a few more seconds to see if the image appears.

If the issue still persist then you can raise a ticket to Notion.


ShaneRobinson commented

@lolamc Ohhh... The Notion app. I don't use the Notion app. I find it too limiting because I often have 2, 3, more Notion pages open in different Brave windows and tabs across my 3 monitors. Can't do that with the Notion app.

  1. Have you tried it using Notion in the browser?
  2. When you upload and can see the image, what happens if you force reload the page instead of going to a different page and coming back?
  3. Does the same thing happen with PDFs?
  4. Does the same thing happen if you drag-n-drop an image to a page and don't use an image block?
  5. Does the same thing happen if you copy/paste an image to a page instead of using an image block?

Trying to think of all the possible variables and things I would test if this was happening in my acct.

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