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picture load 404

1 Answer


polle Points79460

The image you are linking is not visible in the web and can't be displayed, it downloads.

If you use images from websites that have hot linking prevention or display prevention, you will get the same error, but the problem comes from the URL of the image you are using, not from Notion.

Upload that image to another place (or directly to Notion) and you will see how it works fine.


huangkaibo commented

Are you talking about "cross origin" or "Referer"?
I have no restrictions on both. This article was written a long time ago. The pictures inside suddenly can't access these days.
The picture url can be display, you can see it in codesandbox.


polle commented

In the browser it can't be opened and displayed. Of course if you code an app, you can use it, but not in a natural way and that is the problem.

Click the link and it downloads, it does not display in the browser as any image. So the http request Notion does, fails.

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