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Big database in a gallery view


I am pretty new to Notion and I want to organize a list of objects and their related sample images in a gallery. Since the list will have ~5000 entries, I am wondering if I can put all objects in one big gallery which then can be sorted and filtered to users' needs. Or if I need to split the objects into multiple smaller galleries upfront, e.g. by category, to avoid massive lags. Unfortunately I couldn't find infos about Notion's data loading behavior.
Can anybody help?

Thank you!

1 Answer


polle Points82410

You can do both and the result will depend on how you show things.

1 Database with multiple filtered views work, but the load times will be affected for sure in comparison to different databases. If it is only 1 view per user and 1 page it should be ok, but if you will show multiple views in one page, then the load time will suffer.

Just keep in mind that everyone will have access to the complete database. If you need to share only some items with the users, then go for the other option with multiple databases.

Another option is to use external tools like Make or Zapier and create automations to sync the master database to users databases. That will result in independent databases with the exact user content in each one of them.


Fluffyhoof commented

Thank you! I will have a look at the tools you suggested and then check what fits best


polle commented

Glad to help!

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