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How to count out of date tasks from another page table?

I have a table on one page with a full tracker of tasks in table form and when they are due. When they are overdue they turn red. I would like a table on the dashboard/main page that counts how many tasks are out of date and are showing red. I'm not sure if this is even possible and can't find an option on the roll up.

Is there any way of doing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)


polle commented

Do you have a page to share so I can see how you have things setup?

2 Answers


LamboNr5 Points910

Create a column with formula: if(prop("Due Date") > now(), format(prop("Name")), "")

Now go on your main page and create a linked database to your task tracker. Then add a filter: Just show Formular column that is not empty. At last you kick out the property due date. Now you see the names of overdue tastks and you can say that you want to count them at the bottom of the database.

Hope that helps :)


ifsygn Points170

Hello Blairw95,

I think you can use "Roll-Up Calculations" with the filtering "out of date tasks". -> it is a video about "examples of Roll-Up Calculations".

I hope it helps you.

It is an example from me.
I'm estimating the number of steps (tasks) needed to go through the process in my projects.
Then I record this progress with "Roll-Up Calculations" the number of tasks (steps). And I know how many steps remain...

Tasks of the projects

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