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I can only import 20 notes from Evernote

I've tried three times to import my notebook (228 notes) from Evernote, but I always get just 20. I copied one of the other notes to another notebook and tried that, but it didn't import. I can't find any information on any limits.

Any clues, please?


Andthepharaohs commented

I've heard that at least one other person has had this problem, but couldn't find a solution. Not very impressive, I'm afraid.

1 Answer


polle Points27320

This happened to me and I found that there are some Evernote notes that cause the problem when importing into Notion, so try to identify where it is stopping and move that next error note from Evernote to another book, delete everything in Notion and import again.

Repeat the process until everything imports and then you can manually move the problematic notes from Evernote to Notion.

Hope that helps.


Andthepharaohs commented

Thanks - I'll give that a go, starting by trying to determine the order in which the notes are imported - at first glance it seems fairly random!


Andthepharaohs commented

I copied five small notes into a new Evernote notebook and tried to import that - after 80 minutes it said it was still importing it.

It's a pity, but this isn't a reliable product and I'll have to manage with the free version of Evernote.


polle commented

Try using a different platform. If you are using the browser, try the Notion Desktop app, or the mobile one. If you are using the App, try in the browser, you will be able to do it for sure.


Andthepharaohs commented

Thanks again, but I've tried with both the app and two browsers, but all now just sit there doing nothing, so I can't even try to isolate the problematical one[s]. I've rebooted as well, to no avail.


polle commented

Hard to tell you more without actually seeing it. If you are open to share your screen with me, I can have a look to see if there is a way to complete the import. Just send me a DM.


Andthepharaohs commented

Many thanks for the offer, but I'll wait to see how I get on with the free Evernote. If I struggle, I may well get back to you.

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