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How to return a value in another column by using an if-statement?

So I created a new table database today which is supposed to eventually become a pretty complex budget overview.

Here is to my problem:

In column 1 of the table I note down numbers, the second column shows a checkbox and the third column will be a formula.

If the checkbox in column 2 is checked, I want the formula in column 3 to return the exact same number that I noted down in column 1.
If the checkbox in column 2 is not checked, I want the formula in column 3 to return only a blank space.

So, I am pretty sure there must be some if-statement to achieve what I have in mind and I already know how to individually indicate the status of the checkbox or how to return the number by using a formula.
But I just can't happen to find a way to combine both so that the third column only shows a number if the second column shows a ticked checkbox.

If there is anyone who might have an idea how to get this problem fixed, I would deeply appreciate some help!

Thank you all in advance! :)

1 Answer


polle Points79040

If I understand correctly you want to check if column 2 is checked, if that is true, then clone column 1 in column 3, if it is false, then nothing.

Try this Notion formula in Column 3.

if(prop("Column 2") == true, format(prop("Column")), "")


sarahtrgr commented

Yes, this formula works perfectly!
Finally everything is showing right where I wanted it to :)
I was missing the "format" function all along.

Thank you so much!

But then again, I was wondering if there is a way to make this formula return actual "Number values".
Even though column 1 is set as a "#Number" property (for which I can choose between different currencies, for example), column 3 (the formula), shows these numbers right where I want but does not let me choose a currency for them.
So basically, the numbers aren't returned as actual "#Number" values.

Maybe you have got an idea how to fix that as well?

Thank you again for helping me with the first issue!
Stay safe and have a nice day :)


polle commented

You need to convert it to number.

-Hide Column 3.

-Create Column 4 and use this formula:

toNumber(prop("Column 3"))


sarahtrgr commented

Thank you so much!
You literally saved hours of my time!

Have a nice day :)


polle commented

Glad to help and have a nice day too! :D

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