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How to calculate test results with a nested if-statement?

I have a database with test results from an English language test.
One column (Test Score) contains a numerical value.
In the next column (Test Level) I want to have a formula, calculating the level corresponding to the result.
The levels are as follows:
18-29 = A2 level
30-39 = B1
40-47 = B2
48-54 = C1
54-60 = C2

I've tried writing a simple if-statement for the first level:

if(prop("Test Score") > "18", <= "29", "A2" )

However, it doesn't work and I'm at a loss how to create the complex formula.
If you could help me with the string for at least two levels, I think I'll handle the rest.

1 Answer


polle Points78500

Here you have a simple Notion formula example to have an A, B, C, D, E & F grade using 0 to 50 calculations as a range.

if(prop("Test Score") < 10, "A", if(prop("Test Score") < 20, "B", if(prop("Test Score") < 30, "C", if(prop("Test Score") < 40, "D", if(prop("Test Score") < 50, "E", "F")))))

It starts if it is less than 10 and finishes with less than 50. Just adjust the formula and numbers as needed and it will work as expected.

Hope that helps.

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