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How to create a limit of budget based on your expenses?

I want to create a template in which I can write all of my expenses and by putting a limit for each category having an overview of how much I can still spend. Any suggestions?

2 Answers


avidnotionuser Points1430

Create a table database and list the name of all your expenses in the name column add 3 more properties. 2 of them will be # values and the third one will be a formula.
The two # values are Budget and Actual Amount. Then you will edit the formula so the output will be subtracting the budget from the actual amount. The Formula property should be titled "Remaining Balance"

You can calculate in table view at the bottom a total sum of both your budget and remaining balance.

For a month to month overview use filters and make sure you add another property value select and title that Month the tags for the Months should be 12 in total OR however frequently you get paid if you wanted to use your pay cycle.


LamboNr5 Points910

And in addition to avidnotionuser's idea you can add another formular:

prop("Actual Amount") / prop("Budget")

Then select "Percent" for the result. Great to get an overview of how much you already spend.

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