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Turns Notion into a Drive

I'm thinking about taking my documents out of Google Drive and putting them in Notion, as native files and not attachments. Do you think Notion is a safe environment for this? Turns it into a "drive"?

2 Answers


LamboNr5 Points910

May I ask why you're planning to do that? Safety reasons? If it's not for safety reasons, put your documents in Dropbox and use my Zapier connection, to transfer its sharelink to Notion. (guide is in German, but it's a step by step guide)


polle commented

I disagree, the point (and the question) is to stop using Google Drive and start using Notion for documents, making an app switch. Having to use 3 applications, Notion, Zapier and Google Drive instead of just one of them is actually worse for this.

Just my thoughts. :)


LamboNr5 commented

The disadvantage of just using Notion for documents is, that you cannot work collaborative inside of a document. To do so, you need to download the document, work on it and upload it again.

Plus after building the Zapier connection you don't have to use Zapier anymore.

PS. If @rafadecw doesn't want to work on that documents anymore, I agree on you and saving it inside Notion is totally fine.


polle commented

Yeah, he says "as native files and not attachments", that is why I said that the Dropbox and Zapier combo would not be a good solution, he wants everything native inside Notion.

Anyway, if he comes back, he will let us know. :)


polle Points79930

It is, move the documents you need to Notion and manage them there. There is no need to have external files for each thing when you can have everything organised and together in Notion.

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