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Is there a wrapper syntax that turns a text into a hyperlink?

I know that you can highlight a text and paste in the URL but I was wondering if there is a wrapper solution for this as well? Why I would like this option is simply so that my writing flow doesn't get disrupted whenever I need to turn a text into a hyperlink--I'm easily distracted so I try my best to minimize doing many different tasks in a short period of time (because it's exhausting for me to keep shifting my focus from one thing to another).

I am hoping I could find something similar to the [text](link) format or <a href="some link">text</a> on HTML. I tried both syntax but it did not work on Notion. Please let me know if there is something similar for Notion.


2 Answers


Saritanotion Points1020

Try notion link shortener
It’s a chrome extension. The description says “Overview
Do you hate posting lengthy Notion URLs? Not anymore! Noto Link is a seamlessly integrated URL shortener and beautifier for Notion.
Noto ( integrates seamlessly with Notion ( and allows easy creation of short URLs to pages, databases, and blocks. In addition, it can create beautiful links and generate HTML and Markdown code.”
Noto Link main website


nosy commented

Thank you for sharing, but he is not asking for a URL shortener. I was looking into this and I only get confused with something that has nothing to do with the question.


JohnOldman Points140

Maybe it's too late for you. But for someone who still needs an answer, just copy and paste this into Notion:

My favorite search engine is [Duck Duck Go](

But instead of Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V, use Ctrl+C / Ctrl+Shift+V


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