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How to receive picture from clipboard AWS link

When i mark a picture and copy that to my clipboard (ctrl + c) notion copies something like this:

! [Untitled] (

Can i get the image with some post request ? When just entering the URL, it tells me that i have no access.
It doesnt help to double click on the image, right click and select "copy picture". Im writing a script that takes copied notion inputs from my clipboard as an input and passes them to some learning card app. I want this to work just by selecting some pictures and hitting ctrl + c.

Thanks for your help !

1 Answer


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I took a quick look, and that bucket link you see on notion pages is the s3 bucket where notion has that image stored.

The bucket itself is private (even for public notion pages), so you can't access it directly. Notion's infrastructure has the authentication to that bucket so they can access it, but note that notion<->AWS auth is different from the authentication you have with notion (which is why you get a 403 when you hit it).

To have an image be retrievable by your script, you'll either need to make your notion public- and then the URL is accessible by anyone unauthenticated, or get the cookie/authorization header from your browser web console and give that to your script to pass to notion to access restricted resources.

Good luck!

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