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This could particularly useful for items created in the Calendar view. When integrating with google calendar and automation tools, start and end date are mandatory fields. Also convenient if we want to create multiple events during a day organized by hours.

2 Answers


avidnotionuser Points1430

Using date field property in Notion you can select the date and toggle on end date and Include Time for both start and end dates as well as Set Reminder.


mat_rak commented

Thank you for your answer. However my question here was about having these toggled on by default.

Now: when you create a new item with a date property, end date and include time are toggled off by default. You have to toggle them on to set them.

My suggestion/question: make end date and include time toggled on by default in a view. Then every time user add an item in this calendar view, they have to add an end date and time is included without needing to go to the property to toggle on end date and include time.

Hope this is clearer.


avidnotionuser commented

The only workaround is to create a template page in the database. With start and end times toggled every time you click new select the template to create a new page. It is a good suggestion though...I hope Notion Team comes up with something soon to have better integration with other apps.


Lumes commented

This does not seem to work. The date settings are not stored in the template.


Carlos Points140

It may not be the best solution but it works for me:
I have a Timeline mode view that allows me to manually adjust the start and end time, simply by dragging the start, end and the task itself to the desired time

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