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Is it possible to make stopwatch propety formula ?

Hello since notion time tracker doesnt work i have trouble to make stopwatch in properties. Does anyone solved that ???

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Notion doesn't have a Time Tracker, not sure to which one you are referring to say it does not work.

To create one from scratch using Notion, you need properties with date and time to calculate between them using formulas, it depends on how is your setup and how it should work. If you explain the complete scenario, I can try to help you.

Otherwise you will need to use an external service or browser extension, like Clockify or Notion Time Tracker for Google Chrome.


Qentin71 commented

Thats the point ,,Notion Timer Tracker'' doesnt work anymore. I was trying to make formula in properties but i couldnt solve it. Unfortunately i dont know how to make extension like that on my own.

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