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How to export page that have code block in it?

Hello, I was doing a flowchart on notion using Mermaid. I don’t know how to code but I managed to make a simple, good enough flowchart. However, when I exported the page as a PDF it showed me the code itself rather than the flowchart that I could see in the preview in my notion. How do I fix that?


polle commented

Please share an example in Notion to see how you have the blocks.


Fantazzma commented

So I just opened the code block, set it to mermaid, and wrote the code down

flowchart TD
id1[Research identified trough data-base search n = 132] --> id2[Research who's title meets the inclusion criteria n = 46]
id2 --> id3[Research that meet the inclusion criteria n = 26]

after that I set the code block to "Preview" and tried to export the page as pdf, but the pdf file showed the text above and not the flowchart that it was suppose to.

2 Answers


polle Points82410

I did some tests and that is how Notion interpret the block, because it is actually a code block, so that is what the PDF export gets.

A solution for this can be to screenshot the preview you want and paste it as an image directly.


turnipjs Points180

Usually I export directly as a PDF, but when there is a Mermaid diagram I go to the Notion website in a web browser, hide the side bar, change the width of the window, and File > Print. I actually use the mouse on the menu bar because the hotkey is overridden, at least on Mac. Very annoying but this is a solution that works for me.

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