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How to print or export note or page as pdf with figures embedded.

I would like to print or export a Notion page to pdf that includes the embedded figures as they appear, and not as separate PDFs in a zip file. Also when I do get the zip file, it does include the note text, just the images, so that is not useful. If I export the page without exporting the figures, it exports the text to pdf but just empty boxes for the figures. That is not useful either.

2 Answers


polle Points82410

Export using your browser options, not the Notion ones.

That will result exactly as you need.


RonaldCohen commented

Thank you. I think you are saying don't use the Notion app, but use the web browser version. So when I try to print the note to pdf from notion on chrome, indeed most of the images show, but the final one is cutoff and does not show. Like this:




polle commented

That is correct, use the browser instead of the app.

Grow the size of your embeds height in Notion before exporting, that is it.


RonaldCohen commented

Thank you. I am sorry but I am new at Notion. How do I "Grow the size of your embeds height in Notion before exporting". I could not find such.


RonaldCohen commented

OK, by fooling with the image sizes in my browser under notion, I could get all figures to appear, but this is not ideal. Seems this is a bug of some sort.


polle commented

Glad it worked!

Yeah, PDF export is not good, but at least using the browser options has really better results.

For sure Notion will improve this in the feature, but in the meantime using the browser is the best option.

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antonvs Points210

Hi, I'm fairly new to Notion and new to this forum. I have been trying to get pdf's working with embedded images as well and wonder if publishing a note is the solution at the moment.

By publishing a note and opening it in a browser then using browser tools to export to PDF may work.

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